The Importance of Food in our lives

Food is a basic necessity of all of us and we all look for money to get this basic necessity. You should eat three meals a day to run our bodies so that we can handle the daily tasks. Many of us "bring food to live," while there are those who "live to eat". In fact, the diet assumes special significance in everything and everyone & # 39; s life.

food types

The food is usually two main categories are as follows: –

1 Vegetarian food stuffs These include such as milk, fruits and vegetables. These are the things that plants and trees are won.

2- Non vegetarian food stuffs These include producers such as meat and meat products, chicken, turkey, fish, squid, etc. Non-vegetarians are generally obtained killing of animals.

Food Nutrition

Diet food is needed, not the daily dose of nutrition of animals can not survive for long. It is important to life as food received helps the cells present in our body to perform routine tasks. different levels in different food commodities. Nutrients are divided into six classes, which are as follows: –

1 Carbohydrates- They provide energy to the body, and can be found in items such as rice, bread and other grain products.

2- Fats- It consists of a group of compounds that are generally water-insoluble. They can be found in items like butter, ghee, fish oil, lard, etc. are stored fats in the human body for use in a subsequent energy consumption.


3- Minerals- They maintain the appropriate functions in the body, such as oxygen throughout the body, stimulates the growth and normalize the nervous system, etc. Minerals can be found in various food products such as meat, cereals, including cereal products such as bread, fish, milk and dairy products.

4 protein are important components of muscles, skin and hair. The proteins useful in the creation of various enzymes in the body that regulate a variety of important functions. Major sources of protein in the dairy, meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.

5- vitamins are an essential element in the carcase necessary for good health. This organic compound is needed, as the nutrient. Good source of vitamins in fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk and eggs.

6 Water popularly known as the "elixir of life". The human body includes contains 55-78% water. It is necessary to separate an important part of the essential function of the human body.

Thus, these points are the same as defined above reflect the diet foods and nutrients. As long as a person lives, you need water and food in sufficient quantity.

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