Quick Vegan Desserts for busy parents

vegans are faced with tough everyday food choices. Many times people seem to do things. We are a no brainer for you, you can overcome a difficult obstacle to vegan. Significant spices beginning to recognize the burgeoning growth in the vegan market, things are getting easier, but they are always unique obstacles vegans.

One of the biggest 'Fast easy desserts. " Non-vegans a wide selection when poked with a quick dessert. Cookies, cakes, biscuits and instant access to people to buy. Anyone with a pinch run to the local store, even after a couple minutes and come back quickly dessert. Vegans do the same luxury because most of these items include things like butter, eggs, cream and etc …

be creative vegans when it comes to desserts. I think two things will help you with this, and can make your life a little easier

Fruits and berries: Fruits and berries are naturally vegan and easily available at a good price. If there is a good choice for your hands every time you top off your desserts with them. My friend bought a great vegan cake, and tops it with fresh fruit. This is a quick and delicious treat that is still appease the carnivores in your life. A decadent surprise, then fruits and berries with a little sugar and distilled spirits of your choice. Grand Marnier is one of my favorite choices. Just toss the fruit with sugar and liqueur and let stand for half an hour. Yum.

Nutri Whip: Nutri Whip vegan! I know it's hard to believe, but it's mostly oil-based, there is no real cream. I do not know if it's a healthy food, but vegan. Everyone likes to treat themselves now and then so what better way than to add some "cream" to the desserts. The only thing missing is the actual cream. Nutriwhip not certified vegan – and I'm not sure why, but a simple phone call at their head office confirmed that indeed vegan, so enjoy! Pair of macerated fruit is a real treat.

vegans have to be creative, but simple and quick fixes out there. I hope these tips will help you kick your list of desserts for the next level.

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Method of identifying a vegetarian capsules and gelatin capsules

Due to the different materials hollow vegetarian and gel caps (gelatin capsules) identification of all other testing methods. The article discusses the benefits of herbal capsules and gel caps (gelatin capsules) for their application.

The raw materials of vegetable capsules and gel Caps (gelatin capsule)

1. The main component of the pharmaceutical plant capsule methyl cellulose (HPMC), i.e. hydroxy methyl cellulose . Cellulosic & # 39; s most resource-rich natural polymers. HPMC is usually obtained from cotton linter or wood pulp is made by etherification.

The second major component of animal skins from high quality medical gelatin gel caps, tendons, bones, collagen, a protein, epidermal tissue or animal tissue collagen, partially hydrolyzed.

The test methods in vegetable capsules and gel Caps

The features vegetarian capsules and gelatin capsules are the same .

The material used in vegetarian capsules of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

The identification vegetarian capsules and gel caps else.

The test verifies vegetarian capsules and gel caps same standard controls – dried vegetable capsules weightlessness standard of 2% to 7% and from 12.5% ​​to 17% loss on drying standard gel caps. This is due to the fact that the hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose. The capsule-drying plant that is a standard 2% to 7%.

The pharmacopoeia methods for identifying and preparing than

Locate and prepare sample vegetarian capsules

(1) extract 1g whether the product, add 20 -25 ml of cold water, under continuous stirring, until the liquid becomes viscous. Add 2 ml of a test tube, pouring the liquid slowly to the inner surface of the tube.

(2) extract the proper amount of viscous fluid (1) pour onto a glass plate, until the water evaporates and forms a hard coat film.

Locate and prepare samples gelatin capsules:

(1) Extract 0.25 g of the product to 50ml of water. Heat until dissolved and allowed to cool. Add 5ml potassium dichromate plus test solution – mixing a few drops of hydrochloric acid (4%) solution to form a fluffy orange solid.

(2) Identification of 1 ml of residual solution (1) add 50ml of water, add a few drops of tannic acid test solution and shake until cloudy.

(3) 0 3G put the product in a test tube. Add a little lime sodium. Heat the gas until a moist red litmus paper turns blue.

distinctive dissolution of two capsules (vegetarian capsules and gelatin capsules)


cold water: If capsules are placed in 25ml cold water do not dissolve gelatine capsules. vegetarian capsule dissolves gradually.

Distinguishing the two capsules during combustion

Combustion vegetarian capsules produces the smell of cotton. The gelatin capsule may smell protein similar to the fragrance of burning hair.

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How to make a mouth-wateringly Simple Christmas Fajita Recipe

Christmas is almost upon us and everyone getting to festive atmosphere again, it could not be happier to most of us. All those extra day we spend time with family, friends and closest to us – it & # 39; and the time when it comes to sharing and encouraging where you think nothing of spending your hard-earned money of others. However, food is particularly expensive, and if you & # 39; is not effective, you may find yourself throwing the remains that expensive in Turkey before the & # 39; ve had a chance to what to do with it!

This Christmas fajita recipe is ideal to make the most of the left-overs while still tasting GREAT! This simple fajita recipe follows the same standard principle that first came to the old Tex-Mex connection … but with a twist! The ingredients that you can associate with Christmas and the holidays. So here's what you & # 39; you'll need:

* Please note, guys, because exactly the left-overs that I can not give this amount.

Fajita Recipe Ingredients:

  • remaining in Turkey
  • cranberry sauce / jam
  • Broccoli
  • Bacon
  • Tortilla wraps
  • chicken / vegetable stock sauce

How to make Christmas Fajita Recipe:

  1. Grill the bacon bits, until very crisp, they crumble into tiny fragments when pressure is applied. Allow to cool slightly, and broken into small pieces. Bring a pan of water to boil, at this point, and throw the broccoli.
  2. Tear in Turkey, following the natural grain. While grilling the bacon, fry a turkey holding a very small amount of oil (1 tablespoon to do it) is constantly moving over a high heat. Do not forget, we just heat up again, so it & # 39; s important to keep it moving in the pan and cook on a high heat is not too much. Heat for a few minutes.
  3. Heat the tortilla wraps in a warm oven or microwave if it is more convenient. 1 minute 30 seconds to do.
  4. Serve with shredded Turkey wraps it in bacon bits and sprinkle over. Add cranberry sauce to your taste. This makes the fajita more wet if you have any drought occurs in Turkey.
  5. Take brocolli boil down (5 minutes) and the grid over the contents of the package. Add a little of the sauce to bring out the flavors and serve.

This is a Christmas fajita recipes the whole family will enjoy and save money, re-using left food, it would be able to throw away!

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Beware of Fast Food veggie burger

While applauding the efforts of the fast-food industry is trying to offer vegetarian and healthy alternative to the crap that you have to sell every day, I have to point out shortcomings and errors attempts to vegetarian and healthy alternatives to sabotage or defeat the whole purpose of attempting to provide a healthier and meat-free (vegetarian) products.

There are health or well-being of the American people is the main goal of sales vegetarian products, or is it a profit? Unfortunately for people who want to believe in the fast-food industry is coming around, and more and more health conscious, the fast food industry & # 39; s goal of selling vegetarian items such as veggie burger strictly commercial, at least for now, or at present.

message, why? Because as long as vegetarian items are completely missing the animal by-products, promotion and sale of vegetarian items to deceive fast food consumers into believing that you have a choice to eat meat-free or healthier products and products that are simply not true

Take McDonald & # 39; s, Burger King, for example, the Habit. We all sell a veggie burger. Veggie burger patty but that (if the cake itself is not entirely plant-based) are boiled ANIMAL lard, and the second, cooked in the same grill the meat (animal meat DEAD) cooked on.

All meat contains parasites and worms, and the worst is that the human eye has ever seen. I know this personally my personal research (and research has shown Doctah B, Bro. Tarik, and others in the Los Angeles area) and the sickening pictures to show you. Total gross!

There are those who believe, avoiding animal products can only eat french fries in fast food, not knowing that the majority of fast food restaurants such as McDonald & # 39; cooked potatoes with vegetable oil and beef juice. It & # 39; s right! McDonald & # 39; beef juice and add flavor to cooking oil, in addition to spraying the fire in the sugar solution and freezing, and shipping them to McDonald & # 39; 's franchise, and after cooking the potatoes sugar sprayed beef juice (oil), sodium chloride (salt) is added, and even one of the most addictive products America – McDonald & # 39; and fries!

Metro Take for example, a place I used to eat vegan often in my early days while I was in the corporate world. I have places to eat and menus to choose from. However, it was the exception to the rule and not the rule, as it usually produce their own lunch. But Metro was across the street from my place of employment and the food is much lighter than the stuff sold in more general fast food establishments.

However, as more spiritual and health conscious, it began to bother eating establishments that served vegetarian meat products in addition to products. I used to order a veggie sub sandwiches Max Metro. But the soy-based veggie patty Max was in the container or bin next to bacon (pork & # 39; s back). It was not a far microscopic parasites and worms crawling through the bacon patty veggie bin in the bin. In addition, the veggie patty cut into two identical knife used to cut meat. You see, it really does not matter if you & # 39; health conscious or vegetarian or vegan, and the person preparing the food (or product) is not. A fast food employee, you & # 39; It is just another product totally oblivious to the principles of ethics and strict sanitary food preparation.

The other thing to point out the Subway Veggie Max sub or sandwich that (1) cooked (actually broadcast) Microwave (2) cooked or broadcast in the same microwave oven as meat or meat products (pork worms can not kill the heat, because the heat-resistant shell, around which the worm is formed at very high temperatures, and the only one that is able to penetrate or opens to peel the hydrochloric acid in the human body).

One day, while out on the town with my children in Glendale, California, the daughter wanted some noodles or Chow Mein and I think some of vegetable fried rice and egg rolls Panda Express, I really do not remember exactly the items but I remember asking the Panda Express workers to produce an exclusively vegetarian plate – nO meat or by-products AMI, ie, vegetable fried rice, chow mein, steamed vegetables, and to my utter shock, the employee frankly told me that nothing Panda Express was a vegetarian. Absolutely nothing! He said: "Even the vegetable fried rice, noodles and steamed vegetables" He said: "It & # 39; s right, sir!" The discombobulated my face, a worker is said that all the products of Panda Express pour chicken broth. So now you & # 39; m thinking of the time, when the time made me want to go and something I got what I thought it was completely vegetarian Panda Express.

And of course, I & # 39; I heard similar reports of my good comrades also vegan. So, if you want to know one thing to ask. And by all means, do not assume.

If you think these vegetarian corn dogs Hot Dog On A Stick-vegetarian, think again! These include egg white (bread dough).

It is also used to eat the vegetarian burrito with the Baha Fresh Mexican Grill. I started getting headaches. Post why? White flour tortillas cooked on the same grill as the meat is cut (meat). So what to do to rectify the problem? I left them alone, burritos and I have been good ever since.

I remember my early days vegan in 1997 and 1998 and thinking you do not eat any animal parts or products at all only to discover that the black beans I ate El Pollo Loco in the chicken pieces. One day, while eating these black beans, I noticed a strange substance in them. When I picked up the material and analyzed, it is disgusted with his hand on a piece of chicken in my hand. Boy felt nauseous at this revelation and discovery. I had to let them go for the beans, no matter how good they tasted. I will not let that disappoint me a taste of the state of poor health and an early grave.

Vegetarian does not mean vegan! Vegan means "completely free of animal, including dairy products and eggs," while the vegetarian way "without meat, but not milk / egg-free." The vegetarian burrito is a fast food restaurant can contain cheese and sour cream (frozen cow snot or mucus). Some veggie burger patties may contain cheese. Cheese comes from animals, so how can it be animal free? Although many health-conscious people and would enjoy vegan Boca Burgers, some brands may contain egg whites and cheese, so you can start to read a list of ingredients on the box.

Thus, although McDonald & # 39; and now we have a veggie burger, just know that the veggie burger cooked beef in oil, in addition to the fact that the vegan middle are two white, refined grain bread among burger, traditionally grown iceberg lettuce (the worst salad to eat, and most nutritional deficiencies crop up), and genetically modified tomatoes (if you want lettuce and tomato in the veggie burger). The same can be said of the Habit Burger King and & # 39; and veggie burgers.

However, if you & # 39; or on the road, and about the society and you need to make the choice to eat something that is not so insalubrious, it would be a good idea to experience surrounded by a large fast-food chains & # 39; veggie burger instead and enter the conventional crap that we have served over the years and it is always bought and eaten. But it's better (and wiser) to find a vegan restaurant before you actually hit the town (if you & # 39; the health-conscious individuals or vegan).

I know how difficult it can be vegan (first), and so it is not vegan restaurants are within easy reach, especially if you live in a small town. I & # 39; m grateful to the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California in general is full of vegan spots around the city to eat something healthy and nutritious. The same is true for other big cities across the nation like New York City, Atlanta, San Diego, San Francisco-Oakland Bay area, etc.

Once you & # 39; for, if you have trouble locating a vegan restaurants across the nation, contact Friends of Animals Bill@friendsofanimals.org or (203)656-1522 for a possible listing vegan restaurant.

You & # 39; It is when the Greater Los Angeles area, you can contact us at Http://www.DHERBS.com a list of vegan (and vegetarian) restaurants.

Eating healthy is a journey, discipline and way of life, and does not come without challenges at an early stage. However, as more and more health conscious, you & # 39; ll discover more healthy place to eat while out on the town.

Thank you for reading! Peace, love and light!

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