Method of identifying a vegetarian capsules and gelatin capsules

Due to the different materials hollow vegetarian and gel caps (gelatin capsules) identification of all other testing methods. The article discusses the benefits of herbal capsules and gel caps (gelatin capsules) for their application.

The raw materials of vegetable capsules and gel Caps (gelatin capsule)

1. The main component of the pharmaceutical plant capsule methyl cellulose (HPMC), i.e. hydroxy methyl cellulose . Cellulosic & # 39; s most resource-rich natural polymers. HPMC is usually obtained from cotton linter or wood pulp is made by etherification.

The second major component of animal skins from high quality medical gelatin gel caps, tendons, bones, collagen, a protein, epidermal tissue or animal tissue collagen, partially hydrolyzed.

The test methods in vegetable capsules and gel Caps

The features vegetarian capsules and gelatin capsules are the same .

The material used in vegetarian capsules of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

The identification vegetarian capsules and gel caps else.

The test verifies vegetarian capsules and gel caps same standard controls – dried vegetable capsules weightlessness standard of 2% to 7% and from 12.5% ​​to 17% loss on drying standard gel caps. This is due to the fact that the hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose. The capsule-drying plant that is a standard 2% to 7%.

The pharmacopoeia methods for identifying and preparing than

Locate and prepare sample vegetarian capsules

(1) extract 1g whether the product, add 20 -25 ml of cold water, under continuous stirring, until the liquid becomes viscous. Add 2 ml of a test tube, pouring the liquid slowly to the inner surface of the tube.

(2) extract the proper amount of viscous fluid (1) pour onto a glass plate, until the water evaporates and forms a hard coat film.

Locate and prepare samples gelatin capsules:

(1) Extract 0.25 g of the product to 50ml of water. Heat until dissolved and allowed to cool. Add 5ml potassium dichromate plus test solution – mixing a few drops of hydrochloric acid (4%) solution to form a fluffy orange solid.

(2) Identification of 1 ml of residual solution (1) add 50ml of water, add a few drops of tannic acid test solution and shake until cloudy.

(3) 0 3G put the product in a test tube. Add a little lime sodium. Heat the gas until a moist red litmus paper turns blue.

distinctive dissolution of two capsules (vegetarian capsules and gelatin capsules)


cold water: If capsules are placed in 25ml cold water do not dissolve gelatine capsules. vegetarian capsule dissolves gradually.

Distinguishing the two capsules during combustion

Combustion vegetarian capsules produces the smell of cotton. The gelatin capsule may smell protein similar to the fragrance of burning hair.

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