Further, the Italian restaurant Stromboli

Although you might have a lot of calories, there is not much food you top of Stromboli, that & # 39; you'll find an Italian restaurant. I may not have thought too much about if or how this dish came & # 39; s it made, but you may be interested to learn.

Generally, a Stromboli with various meats, such capocollo, salami and pepperoni, pizza and pasta, tomato sauce, a variety of Italian spices and different kinds of cheese such as Provolone and mozzarella. Rolling out the dough and then treated meat layer, cheese typically made. Then add the herbs for extra flavor. The preparatory and roll the dough so that it will close within the ingredients and allow the flavors mingle fashion yet. After coming out of the oven it is sliced ​​and served.

There are a couple different versions of that first came to Stromboli. Some say it started in the 1950 brainchild of Philadelphia Romanos & # 39; Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria founder Chef Nazzareno Romano. Others believe that Mike Aquino, Sr. was the first Stromboli Spokane, Washington. In 1954. It is believed that the dish is named after a small island off the coast of Stromboli in Italy. There is another story that says that the dish is named after the movie of the same name.

Whatever the origins, most people read the Stromboli as a "rolled-up pizza." However, you can spend a lot of different ingredients. There are also vegetarian version, although the creators have to be careful when making a vegan Stromboli, the dough should not be too wet. Many people confuse the Stromboli Calzone, which rolled up with another delicacy, which is similar ingredients.

If you're interested in getting a Stromboli at home, you & # 39; ll need some frozen pasta (unless you want to make your own pasta, of course), meats like salami, ham, salami and anything else you want, and cheese. Most people prefer to use mozzarella, provolone or fontina cheese. You can add a little tomato pesto, basil, chopped olives or even if you want some added flavor.

Cut the dough and leave for about one and a half inches around the edge ingredients. Be sure to let the dough get to room temperature first so that it will not retract what & # 39; rolling. Put all ingredients in the dough, roll it up and then back 400 degrees for about 30 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown. Take your time and let stand for 15 minutes before you slice it, that the components are cool enough to hold it together. After it cools, enjoy as much as you & # 39; my favorite Italian restaurant.

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