Do you want to keep your kids healthy? Discover the tricks of a Squash Float

Once upon a time, I along with my brothers and cousins, so hard to convince him to eat vegetables. This is exactly the reason why my grandmother's cooking gathered courage and finally came up with a solution to help us, nutrient-phobic children.

brace yourselves out unfolds in the magical Squash Float.

Let & # 39; he started

Listed below are the components that enchant the future, and resistant children.

1 1 squash whole

2 2 cans of condensed milk (If you & # 39;. Saccharin fan, you better prepare the third just in case)

3 2 packages suitable for all-purpose cream

4 ¼ box of cheese (grated)


5. 1 tablespoon vanilla syrup


These easy-to-follow steps to make your own Squash Float.

lines after the first slice squash. Eliminate the middle part. Peeling is not necessary.

2. An aluminum pan, add water just enough to almost completely cover the sliced ​​squash in it.

3. Boil squash until it is sufficiently disintegrated. Prick with a fork to check its softness.

4. Scrape the squash disintegrated. Make sure you do not include the skin.

5. Place the squash in a large container. Add the condensed milk, all-purpose cream, grated cheese and vanilla syrup. Keep in mind that the condensed milk to be poured gradually provide room for individual taste. The relative sweetness; therefore define the appropriate level for the first time to your taste.

6. Mix them together well.

7. Gradually blend the mixture and place them in a shallow dish.

8. Freeze.

9. When the squash has frozen enough for swimming, taste and preference, you can now slice. The most common and easiest slicing has a square or rectangular shape.

10. Serve the kids and yourself. Enjoy.

Bonus: kids, creative !

In order to ensure that children are craving more and not settle for traditional and monotonous. Defy creativity and conquer the barriers. Make this recipe is not only pleasant to the taste, but also the eyes.

Here are some useful tricks you can alternatively (or perhaps spontaneously) to carry out the Squash Float.

• Top it with crushed Graham.

• If you & # 39; addicted to cheese, then top with grated cheese instead.

• integrate this recipe is a recipe for mango float. It contains a layer of sliced ​​mango and top with crushed Graham.

• Place non-traditional shaped tank.

Source by Iccy Blessel Quillano

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