Biryani Basmati rice based Rich Indian dish I liked the whole country!

Biryani is the only pot rice dish made with premium basmati rice. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians biryani form prepared to serve as a food habits of people. Non-vegetarian biryani includes choice of chicken / mutton / vegetarian biryani and egg-containing vegetables; with basmati rice and Indian spices to taste the real thing.

Biryani is a complete meal in itself, and quite juicy, that is. There are few places, it's served with cottage cheese or Mirchi Salan Salan. Many variations are possible taste and preparing biryani and these changes are usually available at various restaurants. There are few cities in India such as Hyderabad and Lucknow are known for their special delicious biryani named in these cities (eg Hyderabadi Biryani and Biryani Lucknow), and this particular dish is available in almost every restaurant in both cities. Biryani is not only common, and a favorite food of people residing in these cities, but also the visitors to these cities, you will enjoy this specialty when it comes to town.

Biryani restaurants are not as readily available in most other Indian cities or towns. However, this biryani at home is a challenge, because for a long and time-consuming method of preparing biryani, and also requires specialized skills to prepare delicious biryani at home. It is therefore difficult for the Indians residing in other cities / towns enjoyed this dish.

-finished or finished mixed spices (biryani masalas) led to

Number of consumption on the market to help customers prepare biryani at home. Both products have their advantages and disadvantages:

– Ready to eat food products are very useful, but it is generally considered stale food and still far from its original flavor / taste of real food.
– Ready biryani masala is definitely a solution to the lack of cooking skills and can help ensure taste biryani preparation at home, but does not provide a quick and easy method of preparation. One also needs many other ingredients as additions biryani biryani masala finished

Out of the above two options available, ready biryani masala in India is even more advantageous to prepare tasty and fresh biryani at home. Third option for easy preparation of delicious biryani at home, which have been recently introduced in the market, ready to cook biryani products. They are ready to cook food instant one-step process for preparing them dehydrated fresh ingredients packed mixture. The exact cooking method and the simple preparation of ready to cook food for the consumer satisfactorily preparing fresh food immediately.

One of ready to cook biryani products available in the market Actchawa Daal biryani, which is tasty and nutritious variation vegetarian biryani (includes cooking basmati rice, cooking dehydrated vegetables and Indian spices) and powdered Daal. The product is a very simple one-step process for the preparation containing no added color or preservative. One is to just add water and boil for 12 minutes to prepare a rich and delicious biryani Daal. This product overcomes the challenges like stale biryani preparation, time-consuming method of preparation or the preparation required too much work / agreement biryani at home.

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