An eccentric Lifestyle popular in the early 19th century has left us a Graham Cracker and More!

The Protestant Reverend Sylvester Graham, an early 19th-century supporter of an extreme aesthetic lifestyle largely forgotten. During his lifetime, but he stood up incredibly popular, and popular addition to many theories to this day, although he is rarely credited to their adoption. He is also widely reviled and controversial figure of ridicule.

Rev. Graham promoted strict vegetarianism form when meat was cut and essential to a healthy lifestyle. He held a number of highly controversial diet and wellness tips that you stood up, and he was protecting militants. Proponents were so dedicated that became known as Grahamites.

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Speaking mass, Rev. Graham talked about women wearing corsets boldly and forcefully against any unwarranted sexual activity and nihilism. Encouraging the Spartan way of life is widely reported in the media.

In an era when bathing was rare and primitive oral care Grahamites on both; daily and religiously. Temperance is strictly between Grahamites. Excitement was discouraged. They also do not use spices to enrich the taste of food, as these additives were considered excite the senses and stimulate sexual activity. Consumption of meat, butter and white bread was prohibited. Especially white bread!

The elimination of white flour in your diet and lifestyle has become central to the philosophy Grahamites. Rev. Graham preached the evils of white flour, which was considered crucial bakers producing whiter loaf of bread and commercially attractive. It despised all foods contain additives and chemicals. Darker types of bread was considered a food for the lower classes during the Industrial Revolution. Graham was determined to change that perception.

He created the recipe for bread Graham. Designed un sifted flour and contained alum and chlorine and are present at the time of white bread. He believed that the bread should be coarse lint-free and uniform, like the loaves and then mass produced industrial bakeries. A version of Graham bread recipe leads to the creation of Graham crackers, popular to this day. Grahamites consume large amounts of Graham crackers to complement a very restricted diet.

Grahamism Rev. Sylvester Graham died soon after & # 39; s death in 1857, died in Northampton, Massachusetts, where a restaurant called Sylvester & # 39; and its place is in the home marked the zenith of his movement. His influence, however, was not affected as important as the Americans Horace Greeley, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his brother, William Kellogg. Creation Kellogg & # 39; s Corn Flakes and founder of the Institute of Battle Creek, is strongly linked to their faith Grahamism.

For more than 150 years since the death of Rev. Sylvester Graham. It is generally forgotten that he is responsible for creating all of Graham crackers, they are still found in most home pantry space. And yet, many of the principle that ideas are forgotten pioneer and once again died au courant today.

Modern nutritionists strongly support limiting the consumption of meat and refined, processed foods in your diet. Dark, multi-grain breads support is a key element of a healthy diet. A vegetarian or vegan diet is becoming increasingly popular type. Daily baths and proper oral hygiene and personal care foundation stones. All of these ideas were key, if controversial board was central to the philosophy of Grahamist lifestyle. Today we accept these truths, supported by factual scientific and research data.

Source by Geoff Ficke

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