Acne and the blood type diet

More and more acne and A blood type diet

Did you know that Dr. Peter D & # 39; Adamo & # 39; revolutionary blood type diet (also known as the Diet genotype) charges up a large number of people suffer from acne? The idea behind the naturopathic remedy for acne is based on a number of sensible reasons.

The first is that the ancients knew all about diets that keep the body fit and healthy. This means that you knew all about proper diet regimes which not only purifies the body, but also keep the body's physiological functions work perfectly.

What is your blood group diet?

According to Dr. A & # 39; Damon, Who followed the dietary and nutritional practices experienced dietitians down through the ages, the adage "we are what we eat" is as important as it was thousands of years ago today.

Humans have been modifying the diet according to the circumstances and the availability of food ages. 20,000 years ago, human beings began to farm, instead of the hunters. Therefore, these farmers began to eat a diet that was rich in cereals, fruits and vegetables, while the hunter ancestors is more focused on the meat, fish and a high protein diet.

These hunters were supposed to be the "O" blood type because farmers allegedly belonged to the A blood group. They flourished in the vegetarian diet.

had a different blood group is developing in Asia and Africa, where people were farmers and their diet contains large amounts of dairy products. It was blood group "B" People belonging to this blood group to tolerate dairy products more easily than other blood groups in humans.

How does the diet and blood group can be affect your health?

Now imagine that a type "O." It includes a high-protein diet carnivores profile. Your body can only tolerate legumes, grains and beans in smaller quantities. So if you find yourself a vegetarian diet, your body will react negatively to six. This is caused by the reaction of certain proteins found in the food.

These proteins called lectins. Genetic as O blood group means that these lectins will be kept healthy to eat lots of meat. The moment you start to eat a vegetarian diet and cut the meat lectins will have a negative impact on blood, a specific organ in the body, or your overall system.

However, not to worry about these lectins that is very dangerous; the body & # 39; s natural immune system can protect the body from potentially harmful effects on the blood cells agglutination. These lectins are removed over 98% of the body's natural elimination processes.

However, the diet will affect your health. This in turn is going to have an adverse effect on the skin. Therefore, it may make your skin break out in pimples.

how blood type influences a pimple outbreak?

Each blood group has several dishes that are useful, beneficial and healing for her. These are the foods that are best suited for a person & # 39; s inheritance and best tolerated by the body. On the other hand, a number of foods that are definitely going to hurt a & # 39; s body, depending on the blood group.

Each blood group has a tolerance of many foods which have a neutral effect on blood type.

Now imagine that one type of which is vegetarian and marine genetic heritage. They thrive on cereals, legumes, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Meat, wheat and dairy products are not beneficial for you. Now, suppose you find yourself eating diet with plenty of meat in it.

This will have an adverse effect on the body & # 39; and bio-physiological processes. You may find yourself suffering from acne a lot. So you need to change the system to delete a fruit and vegetable diet, and increase grains and legumes to your daily meals.

The type B are omnivorous and eat no meat chicken, beans, cereals, fruits and vegetables that are beneficial and healing foods. However, if you start to eat a diet rich in grains, chicken, tomatoes, and mussels, they will find themselves suffering from ill health. They are also going to find themselves suffering from acne outbreaks potential.

So if you suffer from acne, it's a good idea to find out your blood type. Then start eating the foods that are best suited to the genetic and inheritance. This is to keep you healthy. This will give you a glowing skin free of acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

blood and Diet – Acne Control Logic Tips

Many people are skeptical of Dr. D & # 39; Adamo & # 39; s blood and ideas in your diet because there is no scientific evidence behind it. But let's get back to the ancient naturopathic nutrition and common sense and understand the fundamental factors that can improve your acne condition.

There are plenty of fruit and vegetables are always good for everyone, regardless of blood type. Meat products are good that your protein, which is necessary to keep the state of high energy. The same proteins may be prepared through the lens and the bean.

Dr D & # 39; Adamo & # 39; s diet plan and is based on the theory does not eat much corn-based food is simple logic. Wheat and corn gluten in it. Gluten adhesion to the intestinal wall and thus prevents the digestive system works perfectly. So what do you do in such circumstances? Avoid bread and pasta made from the composition of elements with high gluten.

Here are some suggestions that can be used to control the acne outbreaks.

Do not bother with acne outbreaks by touching the infected area. This will spread the infection to other parts of your body. Instead, wash with a mild antiseptic soap. Try this idea swept glycerin soap and a little ordinary sugar. This "drying" on the skin and absorbs the oil.

Try a vegetarian diet more fruits and vegetables than meat and fish. Meat takes longer to digest. This means that it will produce toxins in the stomach. These toxins are going to have a detrimental effect on the skin. So you may find yourself suffering from a possible outbreak of acne. Prevention is always better than cure. So the cure is in your hands!

Hopefully this information is useful in helping you control, prevent and cure the acne problem.

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